GNOC Medical and Anti-Doping Commission

The mission of the GNOC Medical and Anti-Doping Commission is to act as an advisory body for the GNOC Executive Committee on all medical and sports science related matters.

Dr. Luis Cruz, M.D.Commission Chairperson
Christopher Fernandez, PTCommission Vice Chairperson
Dr. Arania Adolphson, M.D.Commission Secretary
Dr. Gregory Miller, DCCompliance Committee Chairperson
Dr. Anna Cruz, DNPPrograms Committee Chairperson
Dr. Julienne Duenas, PT, DPTPublic Relations Committee Chairperson
Dr. Mark Andersen, M.D.Compliance Committee Vice Chairperson
Dr. Ryan Claros, PT, DPTPublic Relations Committee Vice Chairperson
Rosea Calvo, LRDNutritionist
Jessica TakaiPrograms Committee Vice Chairperson
Joey Miranda IIIAnti-Doping Committee Chairperson & GNOC Representative