In October 1987, Guam received International Olympic Committee recognition from IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch. The Guam Amateur Sports Federation merged with the newly created Guam National Olympic Committee to form a non-profit sports body.

In the years since its formation, the GNOC has relied solely on private sector and Olympic Solidarity support. During the hosting of the XI South Pacific Games in May-June 1999, the Government of Guam provided logistical support, housing, and transportation.

The GNOC executive board, consisting of various members of the community, has supported the goals of international sports competition and goodwill, development of athletes, and community activities.

The GNOC is the ‘peak body’ representing the interests of sport on Guam. It is through the GNOC that Guam is able to compete in any international Multi-sport Games, from the Pacific Games, Pacific Mini Games, Micronesian Games, East Asian Games, East Asian Youth Games, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Asian Beach Games, Asian Games, World Beach Games, Youth Olympic Games and to the Olympic Games.

Guam first attended the Olympic Games in 1988, which was held in Seoul, Korea and has competed in every Game since then, most recently at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ricardo Blas Jr. Team Guam flag bearer during the Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics at the National Stadium on August 8, 2008 in Beijing, China.

Team Guam’s International Participation

07 to 20 July 2019XVI Pacific GamesApia, Samoa
06 to 18 October 20182018 Youth Olympic GamesBuenos Aires, Argentina
15 to 28 July 20189th Micronesian GamesYap, Federated States of Micronesia
04 to 14 December 201710th Pacific Mini GamesPort Vila, Vanuatu
15 to 24 September 20175th East Asian Indoor and Martial Arts GamesAshgabat, Turkmenistan
05 to 21 August 20162016 Olympic GamesRio de Janeiro, Brazil
04 to 18 July 2015Pacific GamesPort Moresby, Papua New Guinea
16 to 28 August 20142014 Youth Olympic GamesNanjing, China
20 to 30 July 2014
Micronesian GamesPohnpei, FSM
06 to 15 October 2013
6th East Asian GamesTianjin, China
27 July to 12 August 2012
2012 Olympic GamesLondon, England
27 August to 10 September 2011
Pacific GamesNew Caledonia
14 to 26 August 2010
2010 Youth Olympic GamesSingapore
01 to 10 August 2010
Micronesian GamesKoror, Palau
05 to 13 December 2009
5th East Asian GamesHong Kong, China, SAR
08 to 24 August 2008
2008 Olympic GamesBeijing, China
25 August to 08 September 2007
Pacific GamesApia, Samoa
23 June to 02 July 2006
Micronesian GamesSaipan, CNMI
29 October to 06 November 2005
4th East Asian GamesMacau, China
25 July to 04 August 2005
South Pacific Mini GamesKoror, Palau
13 to 29 August 2004
2004 Olympic GamesAthens, Greece
03 to 15 August 2003Pacific GamesSuva, Fiji
21 to 30 July 2002
Micronesian GamesPalikir, Pohnpei, FSM
03 to 15 August 2001South Pacific Mini GamesNorfolk Islands
19 to 27 May 2001
3rd East Asian GamesOsaka, Japan
15 September to 01 October 2000
2000 Olympic GamesSydney, Australia
29 May to 12 June 1999
South Pacific GamesHagåtña, Guam
11 to 22 August 1997
South Pacific Mini GamesPago Pago, American Samoa
10 to 19 May 1997
2nd East Asian GamesPusan, Korea
19 July to 04 August 1996
1996 Olympic GamesAtlanta, Georgia, USA
25 August to 05 September 1995
South Pacific GamesTahiti
27 March to 02 April 1994
Micronesian GamesHagåtña, Guam
06 to 16 December 1993
South Pacific Mini GamesPort Vila, Vanuatu
09 to 18 May 19931st East Asian GamesShanghai, China
25 July to 09 August 1992
1992 Olympic GamesBarcelona, Spain
07 to 21 September 1991
South Pacific GamesPort Moresby, Papua New Guinea
22 August to 01 September 1991
South Pacific Mini GamesTonga
17 September to 02 October 19881988 Olympic GamesSeoul, South Korea