OSEP participants tackle funding and strategic planning

Monday, July 13, 2020 – Zoom application

RME Miranda opened the week 3 course with a review of the previous week’s activities as the participants shared their amended articles on the inclusion of the NF’s Athletes Commission, WADA compliance, NF Election every four years, Women and Sport Commission, Safe Sport and Eligibility of Athletes to represent NF in a GNOC recognized event.  He provided a rundown of the day’s activities which included Module 3 Marketing and Public Relations and Module 7 Planning for Development.

ME Tara Tydingco delivered module 3 through a pre-recorded power point presentation discussing stakeholders, marketing and fundraising protocols.  Thereafter, the participants broke into their group rooms to discuss all three subjects as it pertains to their National Federation or Commission.  Each NF populated their list of stakeholders and fundraising activities and where provided asked to complete their marketing SWOT analysis for the next session.

ME Melanie Torre provided a descriptive narrative on Module 7 based on planning and strategic timelines for the quadrennial 2021 to 2024.  After her presentation, the group went into the second round of breakout sessions and discussed their strategies on meeting their desired objective or goals on fundraising events.

The evening’s session ended with a discussion of the whole as each mentor provided feedback on their group sessions.  Miranda then provided a glimpse on week 4 activities including Module 5 event and facility management as well as the Readiness assessment tool.  He also went over the assigned work due next Monday.

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