Governance and Financial management discussed during week 2 course

Monday, July 6, 2020 – Zoom on-line

RME Joey Miranda III opened the second day of the GNOC OSEP MISO on-line course and workshop providing a summary on day 1 activities for Sport in the Pacific and effective meetings.  He reminded all attendees to submit their documents no later than Wednesday, July 8. Thereafter, he provided a course outline on the topics of National Federation Governance and Financial Management.

Tara Tydingco covered Federation Governance, OSEP Module 6 specifically focusing on updating the statutes with the mandates of the IOC and GNOC such as the NF Athletes Commission representation, WADA compliance, four-year term, Women and Sport, and Safe Sport.  The presentation was followed up with a breakout session where each group discussed their current federation’s status on updating their constitution, charter and by-laws and ensuring responsibilities are met by the mandated timeframe of July 31, 2020.

Melanie Torre discussed the topic of Financial Management in relation to Module 4.  The key take-away from the module was to have each NF produce a four-year budget for the upcoming quadrennial.  This would enable all federations to prepare for upcoming local and international competitions in an ample amount of time.  The group discussions evolved on sharing best practices in financial planning, fundraising, stakeholders, marketing and working through the new norm. The session ended with Miranda asking all federation representatives to work together to collaborate on other avenues of raising funds for our athletes.

Miranda invited President Ricardo Blas to say a few words of which he thanked the attendees for their participation and looked forward to a more meaningful and fruitful quadrennial ahead.  Miranda summarized the day’s activities alongside Tydingco and Torre and provided an insight to the topics of discussion for next Monday which includes Marketing and Public Relations as well as Planning for Development. 

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