GNOC hosts OSEP Development Coach Course

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – Guam National Olympic Committee Headquarters, Maite, Guam

GNOC is hosting the Oceania Sport Education Program Development Coach Course. The course is lead by OSEP Mentor Lemeki Savua of Fiji.

Facilitators include Regional Master Educators Jubilee Kuartei of Palau and Joey Miranda III of Guam alongside Guam Master Educators Melanie Torre and Don San Agustin. 13 participants are enrolled in the four day course which ends on Saturday, February 8.

A six month assessment will continue as each participating coach seeks to achieve their certification.

Participants started Day 2 of the OSEP Development Coach course with core activation as each coach presented core-related stretches and workout. Thereafter, coaches were assessed by Master Educators on the execution of their pre-task on coaching. Each coach was given ten minutes to execute their respective presentation with specific assessments on Introa, demonstration, position and practice session. Group discussions ensued with their respective MEs through the GROW method.

Module 2: Planning and Delivery was covered through a group activity facilitated by the mentor on principles of training. Each group demonstrated three concepts with open discussions held after each principle. The mentor proceeded to presenting the key terms in planning and demonstrated the use of the OSEP Planning Template. At the end of the course day, each coach was tasked with completing a planning template for the next session.

Day 3 activities began with Mentor Lemeki Savua filling the OSEP General Planning Template, working on the phases of periodization, macro-cycle, meso-cycle, micro-cycle, cycles/blocks, medical screening, physio screening, travelling, loading and nutrition.

The coaching principles, functional, roles, key factors, selection and laws were discussed as well as safety in coaching. The subject included athlete welfare, keeping the athlete well hydrated, functional role of a water carrier, athletes nutritional plan, hygiene and risk assessment facilitated by Master Educator Melanie Torre.

Mentor Lemeki provided the recap for the day along with the tasks that are required for the final day of the course.

The final day’s activities began with Mentor Lemeki Savua reviewing the OSEP General Planning Template. He revisited the micro-cycle, macro-cycle, blocks of cycles and loading pattern.

The coaches were brought outdoors to demonstrate their coaching skills. Each coach was tasked with providing a ten-minute session on their sport specific skill. A review was held after each session by the participants and Master Educators.
An activity was provided on Long-Term Athlete Development stages by Don San Agustin. Groups were established and tasked to provide key coaching strategies for each stage, outcome and coaching styles. After each presentation, discussion ensued on the subject matter.

Groups were assessed by Master Educators in their respective skills then their individual assessments were made. Lemeki reviewed the day’s activities and provided them with their assessment practical.

The course was closed by Joey Miranda III who thanked everyone for their participation and provided a brief on the upcoming activities of GNOC as well as the possibility of integrating their respective coaching programs with OSEP’s course which would become the standard of GNOC’s coaching commission.

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