Guam granted International Gymnastics Provisional membership

May 8, 2019


Guam has officially joined the global gymnastics community following the endorsement of the Guam Gymnastics Federation (GGF) as a provisional affiliated member of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) at the governing body’s Council meeting in St Petersburg, Russia on May 3, 2019.

The Guam Gymnastics Federation, an associate member of the Guam National Olympic Committee, becomes the eighth National Federation in the Oceania Gymnastics Union (OGU) – the newest FIG Union just ratified in December 2018. 

Guam Gymnastics Federation’s endorsement follows significant work over many months by the GGF Board of Directors and Secretary General, Brooke Kneebush.

“Becoming a member of the FIG and OGU will create a platform to make the sport more empowering for Guam’s gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders,” said Jayne Flores, GGF President. “FIG and OGU membership will allow the GGF access to regional and international training, coaching, and funding opportunities. We are thrilled to have been granted this membership,” said Flores.

OGU President and FIG Executive Committee member, Kitty Chiller, said the endorsement of Guam’s membership highlights the growing interest in Oceania gymnastics.

“On behalf of every National Federation in the OGU, we welcome Guam to the Union and to the broader international gymnastics community,” Ms Chiller said.

“President Jayne Flores and the Guam gymnastics community have worked very hard to ensure the sport has the best potential to develop and offer broad benefits to the region’s passionate and growing gymnastics member base. Being part of the FIG is a significant step to achieving their longer-term goals and we wish them all the best as they work towards obtaining full FIG membership at the next FIG Congress, in 2020,” added Chiller.

The GGF was first established in 2015 and currently includes six member clubs that encompass competitive gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading.

Since the first Oceania Gymnastics Development visit to Guam in 2015, Gymnastics Australia experts have been providing support to coaches, judges, gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders including video feedback and analysis of skills, and feedback and analysis of gymnastics routines in preparations for competitions. Guam gymnasts aspire to compete at FIG events including future World Championships and future Olympic Games.

For further information contact: Jayne Flores, GGF President, at 483 6409 or, or Kitty Chiller, OGU President, at

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