FIVB grants Mike Rabago certification powers

Story by Jojo Santo Tomas of the Pacific Daily News Published 6:44 p.m. ChT Nov. 27, 2018.  Pacific Daily News is a proud partner of the Guam National Olympic Committee.

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Mike Rabago (PDN) photo by Jojo Santo Tomas

Guam’s only FIVB Level 3 coach and instructor Mike Rabago has been granted the authority to certify FIVB Level 1 coaches, said the president of the Guam Volleyball Federation.

Herman Ada said he received word from the FIVB Tuesday morning.

“He’s the first from Micronesia to be able to do this, maybe the first from Oceania as well, but I’ll need to confirm that,” said Ada, who has led the federation for two years. “This was one of our plans for the GVBF – to work toward being more self sufficient and preparing resources to become a regional hub for training.”

The FIVB is the global governing body for volleyball. Coaching certification not only adds to a coach’s knowledge – certification is necessary for coaches who want to coach Guam at the national team level.

Rabago can certify coaches from anywhere

Rabago, a former national team player and now head coach for Guam’s women’s national team, called it a blessing. Not only can he certify coaches from Guam, he can certify coaches from anywhere.

“I know we have a lot of prospects and those that are willing to develop the youth, but we were lacking the proper materials to certify,” said Rabago. “Now with the blessing from FIVB I’m hoping to get everyone out.”

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